Who is using rejustify?

Jane is working on her thesis. She needs to combine data from different statistical agencies. She knows how to use Excel but compiling the data manually would take long time and it would leave space for errors.

Instead, she is using rejustify Google Sheet add-on to find the data easily within a couple of clicks.
Student of Economics
Mark is a data analyst in large international company. He is very skilled with VBA and macros when compiling data. Every week, he prepares an analysis and forecast of company sales on various markets.

He knows his company sales data and he relies on many indicators including social media trends, macroeconomics indicators and worldwide trade data.

He is using rejustify API to speed up the data collection process for all the data he doesn't have in-house. He often recommends rejustify Google Sheets add-on to his colleagues for smaller datasets and ad-hoc issues to quantify.
Data Analyst
Martin is an economic researcher in a rating agency. Often, he combines social media analytics with macroeconomic data. He found out that this heterogenous approach enhances accuracy for his forecasts and valuations.

He relies on rejustify to quickly find both types of data. Statistical data were readily available but he also managed to get a special deal with rejustify to provide him with data on social media analytics.

He relies on the rejustify API and appreciates the ability to quickly find and replace variables in his datasets. It enables him to build and test several models instantly.
Credit Rating Analyst