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The first AI-enhanced ETL tool

Find and merge data from multiple sources, and prepare your data set in few clicks

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More than 600 million data series from more than 60 most trusted statistical sources and counting. We have carefully classified all the resources to suggest the best-fitting variables and the most accurate matching techniques for your desired data set. All of that in one place.


Save more than 75% of time needed to prepare a data set. Manual selection of variables and data wrangling of multiple sources are time consuming tasks. Rejustify helps you to be more productive by spending less time on ETL and more on actual data science.


Rejustify can follow your ETL habits and learn your data preferences. Do your ETL routine once, and let rejustify handle it ever after. The AI engine keeps track of formats, units, reporting frequencies, data sources and much more! Less repetitive manual work means less errors.

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