rejustify datasets in few clicks

Find, merge and rejustify statistical datasets in real-time, from multiple sources in just a few clicks.
For economists, researchers, data scientists and financial analysts.

Why to use rejustify?

To address the main challenges when building datasets.

Many Resources

More than 3000 variables and more than 50 most trusted statistical sources included and counting. We have mapped existing variables to propose a list of the most probable ones for each variable of your desired dataset. All from one place.


Save more than 75% of time needed to prepare a dataset. Manual compiling of variables from multiple sources is a time consuming work. Rejustify helps you to be more productive.

Error Resistant

Rejustify automatically handles and keeps track of settings, formats, units, reporting frequencies, data coverage of many variables. No more manual errors.

Who is using rejustify?

Student of Economics
Data Analyst
Credit Rating Analyst


PhDr. Vojtech Seman


Credit Analyst with experience from EIB, EIF, BNP

Marcin Wolski, PhD


Economist at the EIB

Igor Pasieczny


JavaScript and API expert

Andżelo Mazurek

Product Design

Software Developper and UX/UI Designer


Michael Pechner

COO Payconiq International, CEO Payconiq Luxembourg (Digicash)

former CCO Luxembourg Stock Exchange

prof. dr. Cees Diks

Professor of Data Analysis and Economic Statistics

University of Amsterdam

Christophe Sicard

Legal Advisor

Luxembourg Attorney

Amy Sandoval

Digital Marketing

Past projects for LuxTradeIO San Francisco and Adidas


Founder Institute

Startup Accelerator

Rejustify is a FI graduate with access to network of mentors.

The Brain Software House


Software Development, UX/UI Support